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Small Groups

Relational Discipleship


Our Purpose Statement as a church is to Transform Hearts, Treasure Christ, and Teach Truth. Therefore, Small Groups are a vital part of our church’s DNA. Our church mission statement is not something that can be accomplished by one Christian – but by a group of covenant-keeping believers who love Jesus deeply, and love one another selflessly. Christians living in authentic community together, forming deep relationships and lifelong bonds, build up the church for the glory of God. Small groups are the primary vehicle in our church for relationship building. In small groups, we point one another towards the Gospel, so that our hearts can be transformed. We worship together, spurring one another on to choose Christ over temporary pleasures. We teach one another through one-on-one and group-based discipleship, so that the truth of God can take root deep down in us. We desire for every member at MSBC to be actively involved in a small group. We believe it is essential for Christian growth and reaching maturity as a disciple of Christ.

Regional Focus

While we want our small groups to feel as though any church member can join together with any one of our groups, we have identified three regions within our county to ensure that all have the opportunity to be plugged into a group close to their home. The three communities we have identified are:

Region 1: (Eastern)

Chase, Ellenboro, Caroleen, Cliffside, Avondale, Henrietta, Mooresboro, Boiling Springs, & Shelby.

Region 2: (Mid-Town)

Spindale, Forest City, Ruth, Danieltown, Harris, & Bostic.

Region 3: (Western)

Rutherfordton, Gilkey, Union Mills, Tryon, Mill Spring, Columbus, Green Hill, & Lake Lure.

We encourage our members to choose the group that is closest to home, so that relationships can be built within their own neighborhood, and they can live on mission together.

Current Groups:

East-Region Leaders

Mid-Town Leaders

West-Region Leaders


Why You Should Join A Small Group

Simply put, it will give God glory if you join a Small Group. No one who comes to a Sunday worship gathering will build deep friendships and learn how to live the Christian life together in that short meeting. It is not enough to sit in a pew for an hour and then dis-associate yourself from the family for the rest of the week. We have a God-given covenant with one another, and Small Groups are the natural mechanism to help us keep the covenant alive and flourishing during our short time together on earth.

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