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Psalm 40

Author: Jack Green

How’s your New Year going so far? Have you been reflecting on how Great God is or do you feel like your life is on shaky ground right now? Life difficulties sometimes take us by surprise. Perhaps you’ve experienced the unexpected hurt from a friend, a financial downturn, a job opportunity that fell through, an unwelcomed diagnoses from your doctor or the heartbreaking loss of a family member.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, it’s during these times our Most Holy God wants to remind us to set our feet firmly upon Him (v.2). What’s more, He whispers in our ear, ‘I have a new song for you, a song of praise to Me’ (v.3). In the midst of life’s storms our gracious, compassionate, faithful, and loving LORD (Yahweh), asks us to trust Him (v.4), focus on His wondrous deeds, and meditate on His thoughts toward us (v.5). As we glimpse the Lord’s steadfast love and faithfulness, the pain of life’s circumstances looses its stranglehold.

When a new day dawns, you find yourself eager to wake up in the morning and delighted to glean from the Scriptures what God’s will is for you (v.8). You find yourself unable to contain yourself as the LORD’s steadfast love and faithfulness – that He reveals to you in His Word (v.10) – takes root in your heart. Just about to burst, you reach for your phone to call or text someone to share the unchangeable riches of your LORD. This was David’s experience – the reason he could not restrain his lips (v.9).

Remember, no matter how bad life gets … and even if you falter along the way (v. 12), the LORD will not withhold His mercy from you. His steadfast love and faithfulness will always preserve you (v.11).

Have you noticed? The cares of this world are already disappearing. You’ve discovered the most tremendous truth in all of the Bible: “Great is the LORD!” David experienced it and so can you. “But may all who seek You [LORD] rejoice and be glad in You; may those who love your salvation say continually, “Great is the LORD!” (v.16).

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